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The seven points on a traditional Mexican Christmas piñata

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The Piñata at Christmas has a true meaning’s not about the candy it’s a reminder of the sins

The seven points on a traditional Mexican Christmas piñata hold a rich cultural and religious significance. Each point represents one of the seven deadly sins:

  • Pride: This sin is associated with an exaggerated sense of self-importance and superiority.
  • Greed: The excessive desire for material possessions and wealth is the core of this sin.
  • Lust: Uncontrolled and excessive sexual desire is considered a deadly sin.
  • Envy: Resentment and jealousy towards the possessions or achievements of others define this sin.
  • Gluttony: Overindulgence in food, drink, and other pleasures beyond the point of need is considered gluttony.
  • Wrath: Uncontrolled anger and violent emotions characterize this sin.
  • Sloth: Laziness, apathy, and lack of motivation are all aspects of sloth.

The act of breaking the piñata symbolizes the triumph over these sins. The blindfold represents faith, while the stick represents the will to overcome temptation. When the piñata breaks, the treats inside represent the rewards of overcoming sin and living a virtuous life.

The tradition of the seven-point piñata is believed to have originated in Mexico during the colonial period. The Spanish missionaries used the piñata as a tool to teach the indigenous people about Christian doctrine. The seven points served as a reminder of the deadly sins that should be avoided.

Today, the seven-point piñata remains an important part of Christmas celebrations in Mexico and many other Latin American countries. It is a fun and festive tradition that also carries a deeper meaning about the importance of living a moral life.

Here are some additional facts about the seven points of a piñata:

  • The traditional colors of a Christmas piñata are red, green, and white. Red represents the blood of Christ, green represents life and hope, and white represents purity.
  • Piñatas are often filled with candy, fruit, and small toys.
  • The game of piñata is usually played by children, who take turns trying to break the piñata with a stick.
  • The person who breaks the piñata is rewarded with the first choice of candy and other treats.
  • MeetupCozumel will be celebrating at Casa Mission with the piñata December 19th at 5.30pm  Join us

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