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Aerus Airlines

The salty breeze whipped Nancy’s hair into a frenzy as she stared out across the endless blue of the Caribbean. Beside her, Ed fumbled with his camera, jostled by the rhythmic thrum of the propeller plane. They were leaving their paradise home for Canada visit with family.

But a hint of a smile played on Nancy’s lips. Today, they weren’t taking a ferry and bus to Cancun – they were flying on Aerus, the brand new airline connecting the two idyllic destinations.  Today their second day of operations Cozumel/Cancun

“Think this little plane can handle it, Ed?” Nancy teased, her voice barely a whisper over the engine’s hum. Ed, a man who preferred the comfort of a jumbo jet, chuckled nervously. “Sure it can, he said, we are the only two on the plane!”  his gaze lingering on the single propeller blurring outside the window. “New airline, brand new adventure, right?”

Their adventure began moments earlier at Cozumel International Airport. The terminal was empty for a 7 am flight a difference from a mix of tourists and locals, never even knowing of the new service.

Nancy, ever the planner, had booked their tickets as they entered to fly today, excited at the prospect of a quicker and more scenic journey compared to the ferry.

Ed, on the other hand, remained unconvinced of the propeller plane’s charm.

As they boarded the Aerus aircraft, a wave of friendliness washed over them. The pilots were young and enthusiastic, sported warm smiles that instantly put Ed at ease. The small cabin fostered a sense of camaraderie, a stark contrast to the usual anonymity of larger planes. Nancy found herself at ease with the new flight experience from Cozumel.

The short flight (less than 15 minutes) lived up to Nancy’s expectations. Gazing out the window, they were treated to a breathtaking panorama of turquoise waters dotted with tiny islands. Lush green jungles fringed the coastlines, giving way to the vibrant cityscape of Cancun as they approached.

As the plane touched down smoothly at Cancun International Airport, Ed, surprised by his own enjoyment of the flight, clapped!  Stepping off the plane, they exchanged a grin; the apprehension of the small aircraft forgotten.

Nancy squeezed Ed’s hand. “See? Aerus wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Ed grinned back. “Not bad at all. Maybe next time, we can try their new route to Chichen Itza.”

Nancy’s eyes lit up. “Now you’re talking!” The short Aerus flight had not only brought them safely to Cancun, but it had also sparked a new travel adventure for their future. The story of Nancy and Ed, and countless others, became part of the Aerus legacy, a testament to the airline’s role in connecting not just destinations, but also hearts and dreams.

Pro Tip!! Know which terminal your international flight will be leaving from there is a FREE shuttle THAT WILL TAKE YOU BETWEEN TERMINALS about every 15 minutes –

Don’t let anyone tell you or scare you to make that different!!

Aerus Airlines is located in Terminal 2 at Cancun International AirPort

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NEW COMMUTER Cozumel/Cancun several times a day #cozumel #airlines #commuter #aerus #flights

NEW COMMUTER Cozumel/Cancun several times a day #cozumel #airlines #commuter #aerus #flights

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