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Cozumel Turtles Explora 2023

Now Cozumel Turtles 2023 search and rescue is happening as of August 15th 2023 a “tour”  for tourism in conjunction with the Ecology Department in Cozumel and Explora.   The Cozumel Turtle experience can be scheduled with or without transportation.  

Days available for booking the Search and Rescue tour is Monday Wednesday and Fridays at this time.  (Release tours will be later in the season)

Beginning at 12:30pm pick up can be done from your Airbnb, VRBO, or Resort stay north or south.   

Flip Tours Cozumel will coordinate the pick up for an arranged time and to meet the turtle experience for 2023 search and rescue.

This is a daytime experience and can include a the Mayan cultural tour at Pueblo De Maiz at NO additional charge.

The Mayan tour includes Pueblo del Maiz at no charge the time is 12:30pm until 130pm.  Again transportation can be included for the entire Cozumel Turtle Experience.   The tour price is $99pp with transportation and $65pp without transportation.  Please use these links to book and you will receive a confirmation with more meetup information.  Please use the comments to indicate the inclusion of the Mayan Pueblo del Maiz.  All details will then be sent back to you.

 Search and Rescue is taking place at the other side of the island from Mezcalitos to Rastas.  You must have a confirmed reservation in advance order to participate.   No one else is permitted but by prearranged tours only.

If you’d like to just have just the search and rescue Cozumel sea turtle experience with the Mayan cultural Pueblo del Maiz the tour will meet in a pre determined designated area on the other side of the island. 

Again, this must be coordinated in advance with Flip Tours Cozumel as there is no reliable cell service on the other side where the event will be happening  –  no one else can participate with the tour unless previously arranged. 

The Cozumel Turtle Experience 

Search and Rescue 2023 

Once you arrive at the meeting point you will be given an orientation for the Cozumel Turtle experience.   This orientation will last approximately 20-30 minutes prior to the experience.  

You will be working along the side the turtle brigade (over 7000 nests a year) and a designated Explora guide for the Cozumel Turtle Experience.  The vehicle may move down the road to determine the most recently released nests.  

It is a physical activity.  There is an engagement with the turtles.  

It’s along the a 10 mile stretch of beach.  You will be digging (on your belly) into an nest that may have released babies about 48hrs earlier and you’ll be finding hatched babies that wouldn’t have been able to get out of the nest otherwise. 

You also will be counting the eggs opened that hatched and some that did not (approximately 125 per nest) and all in that same nest.

The Search and Rescue experience will end at this time with a collection of all the babies rescued to be released with other natural nests later that evening.

Be Prepared

Although we furnish an umbrella in the digging locations in the heat of the day it is direct sunshine.  Only in extreme cases will the tour cancel due to rain or tropical storms  –  

Bring water container comfortable shoes, a hat in case you need it, sun block and if needed bug spray .

We want to thank you for you interest in participating with the turtle brigade, dept of ecology, Explora and FliptoursCozumel in Cozumel for the Cozumel Turtle Experience. 

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