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August 2023 Current update of the valuation of the Peso

Cindy Trautwein as a permanent resident of cozumel mexico for 16 years it’s very important to track the value of the dollar to the peso. Because Cozumel is a tourist destination. The monetary exchange of USD to pesos is primary. Not only that, but the retirement that you get through your pensions or through Social Security, or in the USD.  Therefore, any fluctuation of the valuation is incredibly important to the lifestyle of living in Cozumel. As a permanent resident, I will continue to write on the subject as it’s important to consider living in Cozumel as well as it has an effect on your vacation dollars and spending while you’re in Cozumel.

According to the consensus forecast of analysts surveyed by Citibanamex, the Mexican peso is expected to trade at just under 18 to the US dollar at the end of the year. This is a slight improvement compared to the previous prediction. However, it is worth noting that the peso has weakened significantly compared to the current exchange rate. Analysts also believe that the peso will further depreciate in 2024, reaching 19 to the greenback by the end of that year.

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